From food storage to fun snacks.

Susie and her husband Doug are the freeze drying fanatics who bought their first freeze dryer in 2015 to preserve the bounty of fruits and vegetables from Susie’s garden. They started sharing with their family and friends, who shared it with THEIR family and friends, until people started showing up at Susie's door asking for more!

And so Susie's Pantry was born! Now Susie and her team run 5 freeze dryers 24/7 in Susie's commercial kitchen to keep up with demand. Susie's line of freeze-dried fruits and snacks surpasses all other suppliers in taste, quality and longevity. Once you've tried Susie's Pantry, you won’t want to buy freeze-dried snacks anywhere else!

Susie and her team sell on Etsy as well as several local boutiques and gifts shows where they live in Utah through out the year. They often experiment with new products to add to their line of fruits and snacks.

What we do for Susies Pantry

  1. Events

In collaboration with Susie, the founder of Susie's Pantry, we orchestrated the development of a booth design meticulously aligned with her brand, strategically crafted for presentation at local boutiques and trade shows. Our approach incorporated a sophisticated palette of country-inspired colors and textures, artfully designed to attract and engage potential customers from a distance. Given the spatial constraints, our paramount objective was to maximize the efficiency of the limited square footage. The result is an aesthetically pleasing display that not only effectively showcases Susie's products but also encourages customers to approach and explore the offerings on the shelves with ease.

  1. Social Media

We assumed full responsibility for managing Susie's Pantry's social media image. Utilizing Facebook and Instagram as primary platforms, our team crafted a targeted marketing strategy aimed at engaging her customer base. Through a curated selection of visually appealing content, including tantalizing product images, snapshots from local trade show booths, and personal photographs of Susie, we endeavored to imbue the brand with a relatable essence. This approach allows customers to connect a friendly face with the delectable treats and snacks that have become synonymous with Susie's business.

  1. Branding and Web Design

In conjunction with overseeing her social media presence, we were contracted to conceptualize and develop an online store website for Susie's business. We conducted a professional photoshoot, capturing artfully styled images of her products to convey a sense of delectability and vibrancy. Collaborating closely with Susie, we crafted website copy aimed at establishing trust with customers, portraying Susie as a creative, reliable, and trustworthy entrepreneur. Infused with bright, friendly colors and aesthetically pleasing photographs that evoke an irresistible visual appeal, we designed a seamlessly beautiful and functional website. This platform enables customers to peruse and purchase their favorite treats throughout the year, providing an engaging and trustworthy online shopping experience.