Speck Fashion

Speck Fashion

Preserving the Dying Art of the Pacific Islands

In recent years, Pacific Island women have been making incredible strides towards equality. However, despite women making up more than 50% of the labor force, they still continue to face severe problems of discrimination.

Women’s access to basic human rights such as finances, land ownership, productive resources and employment opportunities are limited at best. Even maternity leave and maternity protection are not always included in Pacific labor laws. Such protection not only ensures a woman’s equal access to employment, it also ensures the continuation of often vital income which is necessary for the well-being of her entire family.

The Four Pillars of Speck's Purpose

1. Commitment

Speck is committed to empowering women in the Pacific by providing opportunities to earn an income as entrepreneurs, using skills that have been passed down to them through generations of mothers and grandmothers. These opportunities guarantee fair pay and allow women to create their own workspace within the home and work the hours they choose. We also provide care packages and monetary bonuses to all of our working mothers.

2. Mission

Our mission is to improve the lives of women living all across the Pacific Islands, while simultaneously bringing awareness to their dying art and preserve the legacy of their culture and traditions.

3. Authenticity

Every Speck product was created by the hands of a Pacific Island woman. Included with every purchase is a little card that identifies the island your new jewelry came from and the hands that made it.

4. Future

With so many cultures, traditions, and islands it is our plan to expand into other art forms across the world showcasing the beautiful craft these tiny islands have to offer. In doing so we would also like to set aside some of the proceeds to go to the education fund for the islands where purchases are made. This allows us to not only support the woman of these islands but future generations as well.