Getting Personal

Well, I am an extroverted empath who cares deeply about people. I care about design and the way it makes people feel and experience life. The world is complicated. We need to simplify. Simplify our solutions to problems, simplify our relationships with others, and take time to simplify our lives to enjoy being human.

I love making things easier to use. I love understanding how people work and operate. Understanding is key to making things better.

I believe in being authentic, true to oneself, and above all, human.

When I am not working I am spending time with my family, finding things to photograph, trying to survive a CrossFit workout, watching something to do with vikings, or learning about human behavior.

I love to talk about all things design, psychology, and self improvement. Please feel free to connect with me and let's have lunch sometime and talk about the joys of life.

Things I generally enjoy. 

Ron Swanson, Fedoras, Dr. Pepper, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog, Netflix, Rollercoasters, Traveling, Islands, Gummy Bears, Video Games, Card Games, Mobile Apps, Mountain Biking, Movie Theaters, Animated GIFs, Medium Rare Steak, Vikings, Black Mirror, Psychology, Brainstorming Ideas With Others, Building Computers, Building Things With PVC, Playing With My Dogs, Speaking Marshallese, Learning A New Skill, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Sticky Notes, Horror Movies, And Possibly Others.